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Mutton Stew with Rajma

I bought some mutton yesterday. This morning I was all set to cook a nice, spicy, archetypal Sunday-lunch-mutton-curry. But the weather made me indolent. The day was cool and rainy and I longed to finish the business of cooking quickly and curl up with a book. I simply didn’t relish the idea of spending a long time in the kitchen frying masalas. And putting in the hard labour of frying the mutton in it.  
So I settled for a mutton stew. Serendipitously, somerajma was soaking overnight. I also jettisoned last evening's plan to cook a rajma dish and instead, bunged the stuff into the mutton. This one’s dead simple to do and absolutely delicious to taste – a lovely, fragrant mutton broth that comes out tops on wholesomeness too.

Mutton Stew with RajmaIngredients
750g mutton pieces 200g rajma beans soaked overnight 2 onions roughly chopped 1 tomato chopped 3 cups mutton or chicken stock 1 inch piece of ginger cut in juliennes A few cloves of garlic 1 teaspoon black pepper corns 2 bay…