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Eggciting Egg Halwa

Winter is a great time for tucking into some rich halwa. When I get my halwa craving I usually nip across to a neighbourhood shop and have some of their gajar ka halwa or dal ka halwa. They are not quite what Mom used to make, but they are decent enough. But ande ka halwa is another matter. I haven’t seen it being sold anywhere.
I first had egg halwa in a Muslim friend’s house. It was mind-blowingly gorgeous to eat but I simply couldn’t tell what it was made of. My friend and her mother kept me guessing for a while and finally revealed the mystery. It was made of eggs — 15, to be precise!
I took a crack at making ande ka halwa many years later. My friend had told me the rough method and eventually, I perfected my own measurements. I make ande ka halwa at least once every winter. This is a dish that requires constant vigilance -- if you don’t stir it continuously, the thing in the pan will turn into egg bhurjee in the blink of an eye. It’s a bit of a hard slog, but my god, it’s totally w…